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Countertop Options for Your Next Kitchen Remodel

There are so many options when it comes to choosing a countertop for your kitchen remodel and I'm creating a quick list of pros and cons of the options you have to choose from!

1. Quartz

It's my number one for a reason, I specify quartz more than any other countertop material.

Here's the list of pros:

  • There are many color options within quartz and many different price points!

  • It's extremely durable. It's not a natural stone and therefore not porous. It requires little to no maintenance.

  • Great warranties

  • Stain resistant

Here's the list of cons:

  • Can be on the pricier side, especially the more they look like natural stone

  • Impossible to match a natural stone perfectly, but they are very close!

  • Can be damaged with high levels of heat - protect any hot pans you sit on quartz

2. Quartzite

I have so many clients that confuse quartz and quartzite. Quartzite is actually a natural stone that begins as sandstone, and under the natural process of heat and pressure fuses with quartz crystals to form quartzite.

Here's the list of pros:

  • It's a natural stone and with natural stone, you have beautiful natural and imperfect veining

  • Low maintenance once sealed

  • UV resistant

Here's the list of cons:

  • It can scratch from a knife so you have to be very careful

  • It's one of the more expensive countertop options

  • It's porous and therefore it must be sealed

3. Granite