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My Master Bedroom Mood Board

Building a house has been tough! The toughest part is honestly just the waiting. But what keeps me going is knowing that I get to design and decorate all of the spaces and because we all have budgets, I'm planning to do 1-2 spaces a year, so I can make sure I'm getting quality pieces of furniture vs trying to design and decorate all at once.

I do find it super helpful to create mood boards for each space to make sure that I'm purchasing items that create a cohesive design.

The first space I'm designing is my master bedroom. Here's a look at my mood board design for our master that I am so excited about! I tend to design with higher quality larger pieces and then use less expensive decor that I can interchange over the years. You can shop the pieces below under sources!







Side Table

Floor Mirror

Olive Tree

Framed Artwork