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The Perfect Hotel Bedding: At Home

I think one of my adult goals is to have a bed at home that feels the way a luxury hotel bed feels. Although I'm still on the search for the right bed (that will come once we move into our new house), I had to start figuring out the right bedding. Even though I fully believe in 'you get what you pay for' - I have kids and pets, so I don't particularly want to break the bank on this bedding. This round-up is a combination of Target and Amazon's finest. I absolutely LOVE the way our bed feels. It's right up there with some of the best hotels we've stayed at. If you purchase some of these items - let me know what you think! The duvet insert definitely makes this whole hotel bed thing come together - it's a cloud!


  1. The Duvet Insert from Amazon

  2. The Duvet Cover from Amazon

  3. This Throw Blanket from Target

  4. This Temperature Regulating Solid Sheet Set

  5. This Bed Blanked From Target